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AQUA has been part of the Indonesian healthy family for more than 30 years. As the pioneer of packaged water ever since it was founded in 1973, AQUA has always been an inseparable part of the healthy lifestyle of Indonesian communities. Yesterday and today, AQUA has been and always will be the biggest and best in Indonesia. Sales volumeof AQUA is currently the biggest sales volume in the world for packaged water category.
Moreover, DANONE Groupe is one of the biggest and best beverage manufacturers in the world and AQUA is now a part of it. DANONE expertise in nutritional food and beverages would make AQUA even stronger and better.

Coming from a selected and protected water spring source, thus ensuring that every goodness of nature from its source is kept intact in every drop of AQUA. This means that every drop of AQUA has all the goodness of natural balanced minerals.
The water spring source is selected based from a careful and detailedprocess. Every mountain water spring needs to comply with 9 selection criteria and then go through a strict 5-stages selection process which takes around 1 year before finally it can be an AQUA water spring. It is no wonder if AQUA has the best quality.
Every drop of AQUA contains balanced natural minerals, making it beneficial to be consumed daily by all family members. These balanced natural minerals are very important for our health.
After it is founded, the water spring and its surrounding areas are preserved. AQUA systematically preserves the environment of its water springs, starting from recharge areas up to the surroundings of the water spring. Underground protection walls are also built to prevent seeping impurities.
AQUA is also committed to preserved its water springs by not taking more than what nature gives. This is done to ensure that all of nature's goodness are kept intact in every drop of AQUA.
Using an advanced water resources management. As part of the worldwide network of DANONE Groupe, AQUA complies to the regulations stated in the DANONE Charter for water resources management to ensure the quality of its water springs.
Using an integrated manufacturing system which ensures that there is nothing between you and nature's goodness. This integrated manufacturing system is an advanced yet simple process which can ensure that the none of the important minerals are eliminated from the water.
Every stages in the production process has its own quality control which guarantees the quality of the product. This ensures that the goodness of nature is kept intact in every drop of AQUA.
The process and quality system in AQUA comply with the standards set by Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Sanitation - Hygienic Practice and also the end product quality complies with SNI 01-3553-2006 or "Codex forBottle Water".
AQUA is a beverage brand which has been trusted for years as the best brand. This is proven by all the awards given to AQUA which signified the trust and satisfaction of consumers. Among others: Indonesian Best Brand Award in 2003-2004, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award in 2003 and Indonesian Golden Brand Award in 2005-2007.
AQUA actively conducts various programs to keep Indonesian families healthy, among others the AKSI (AQUA untuk Keluarga Sehat Indonesia-AQUA for Healthy Indonesian Families) program and AuAI (AQUA untuk Anak Indonesia-AQUA for Indonesian Children).
It’s our aim here in Danone to be the world’s fastest moving food company, today focus in Dairy , Baby Foods , Beverages and Medical Nutrition with notion concept of health and well being products . Danone Aqua , as part of Danone Group, is a leading Beverage Company in Indonesia and no.1 Water producer in the World, invites high competent Internal Audit Professionals to join our company as :

This position will report to Organization Development Director. The incumbent is responsible to :
Organization asessment, design, development and implementation with all itssupporting instruments (authority governance, segregration of duties, work flow and process, reporting mechanism, decision making process, job description, grading/leveling)
Aligment of OD within HR function as well as other functions across the organization
Policy development and establishment
Managing organization culture and cycle

The qualifications are:

  • University degree in Management / Psyhology / Law
  • Having 5 years experience in Organization development field preferably from well known management consulting firm
  • Having good knowledge in business strategy planning, budgeting and reporting; Human resources management; Change management; and Business process reengineering.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skill
  • Proficient in using MS Office , MS Visio, and MS Project
  • Good command in English both verbal & writte
    This position will report to Organization Development Director. The incumbent is responsible to :
    Managing the whole applicatiions / modules / database / interface (if any) Human Resources Information System (HRIS) deployed in Aqua including its interlinked with other function’s appplication / modules / database/ interface Managing and updating all HR policies and business processes related by HRIS Managing HRIS periodic data consolidation, analysis and report Establish and maintain coordination with
    Danone HRIS in regional and global

    The qualifications are:

    • University degree in Management, Statistic
    • Having 5 years experience in HRIS field, preferably with strong background from FMCG with multi-location operation
    • Having good knowledge in HR management concept, HR business process, HRIS application, SAP ERP environment
    • Proficient in using MS Office , MS Visio, and MS Project
    • Good command in English both verbal & written

    Plant HR Manager
    The qualifications are:

    • University degree from any major
    • Having 5-7 years experience in HR, and current role as HR Manager . Preferably posses mixed multinational experience and local company experience. Experienced in Manufacturing is a must.
    • Shows good people skills, strong communication and negotiation skills, matured for his/her age, understand how to approach and dealswith local communities/government. A self driven person and result oriented.
    • Good command in English both verbal & written
    • Willing to be placed in Cianjur West Java

    If you consider that you are the right candidate please send your recent comprehensive resume to
    Human Resources Division
    PT Tirta Investama (DANONE AQUA)

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