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The Company is engaging in cement industry. Officially inaugurated on August 7, 1957 by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia with installed capacity of 250,000 tons cement per year. On July 8, 1991, Semen Gresik was listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange and was the first State-owned Enterprise publicly listed by offering 40 million shares to the public. Its shareholding composition was Government 73% and the Public 27%.

In September 1995, Semen Gresik performed right issue I, which changed the share ownership composition to the State 65% and the Public 35%. In September 15,1995 Semen Gresik acquired SP and ST, which was then known as Semen Gresik Group (SGG). The total installed capacity of SGG was 8.5 million tons of cement per year.

On September 17, 1998, the Government sold its 14% shares in SGG through an open tender, in which Cemex S.A. de C.V, a Mexico­based global cement company, was declared as the winner. The share ownership composition was then changed to the Government 51 %, the Public 35%, and Cemex 14%.

As of September 30, 1999, the share ownership composition has changed to the Government 51 %, the Public 23.5%, and Cemex 25.5%.
Meanwhile, SGG has an installed capacity of 15.82 million tons cement per year.
On July 27 2006 Cemex S.A. de C.V. shares were sold to Blue Valley Holdings PTE Ltd., so that the share ownership composition has changed to the Government 51,01%, Blue Valley Holdings PTE Ltd. 24,90% and public 24,09%.

Presently, the real installed capacity of SGG has reached 16,92 million tons per year, and it covers about 46% of domestic cement market.

To anticipate the fast growth and development of the company in the last few years, Semen Gresik has prepared its Human Capital Master Plan (HCMP) which functions as the framework of its Human Capital development in stages for the next five years in order for the purpose of  achieving the company’s vision. In the Human Capital Master Plan (HCMP), the company has decided principle policies in both management and development of its human resources. All of human capital development related policies are leading to one purpose; the company owns and develops the best talents of its Human Capital to ensure the achievement of the company’s vision and mission.

Human Capital Master Plan (HCMP) of the company consists of four stages which have to be carried out in a sustainable manner;

First Stage – from 2009 to 2010, setting human capital foundation: preparing Human Capital Master Plan and commencing the transition of system implementation by way of synchronizing the management system of human resources and optimizing the framework of human capital flow among the members of the company’s group.

Second Stage – from 2011 to 2012, growth and strengthening: The company strengthens its human capital system and accelerate its human resources performance improvement in a sustainable manner. The target of this stage is significant acceleration of the human resources competence and performance to support the achievement of the company’s goals.

Third Stage – 2013, excellent performance: In this stage, the whole Human Capital System will have achieved an optimum condition and high alignment level to show high performance system and culture.

Fourth Stage – 2014 and henceforth, the management of the company’s human capital is at the same level of that of world class companies. At this stage, human capital management implemented by the company is able to build good change of the image and perception of the public toward the company. The company has become a world class one implementing an international standard of management, a chosen one in cement industry, and also a chosen one for the most talented people interested in cement business.

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Available Position

Tech. Industry (SG-01)
Tech. Chemistry (SG-02
Tech. Machine (SG-03)
Tech. Electro (SG-04)
Tech. Mining (SG-05)
Tech. Civil (SG-06)
Economic Management (SG-07)
Accounting (SG-08)
Psychology (Industrial / Clinical) (SG-09)
Law (Civil / Business) (SG-10)

Tech. Machine (SG-11)
Tech. Electrical / Electronic (SG-12)
Tech. Chemistry (SG-13)
Tech. Electronics / Instrumental (SG-14)
Tech. Mining (SG-15)
Tech. Civil (SG-16)
Tech. and Environmental Management (SG-17)
Hiperkes & Safety (SG-18)
Taxation (SG-19)
Accounting (SG-20)
Information System (SG-21)
Human Resource Management (SG-22)
Mnjm. Logistics & Materials (SG-23)
Mnjm. Marketing (SG-24)

General requirements:
• citizen, per December 31, 2011 Age maximum 30 years for S1 and 25 years for D3
• Minimum GPA of 2.75; Healthy physical & spiritual, as well as well-behaved

All of the completeness of data that must be prepared for re-registration can be viewed at the website:
• job application letter and curriculum vitae, photograph the last 6 months max size = 4 pieces 4x6 colored
• Copy of diploma and transcripts that have legalized the competent authority in accordance with the position
• Copy of identity card (KTP) is still valid, Photocopy of valid TOEFL certificate
• Genuine Police Notes (SKCK) is still valid, Certificate in Work Experience (if any)
• A statement on the stamp Rp 6,000, - (fill in Statement please follow the format on the website) Download Here
• All provisions of charging, data & information on the stages of recruitment and selection process will only be informed through our website at:
- Stages of selection will be conducted simultaneously in Surabaya, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung
- Applicants who have submitted a hardcopy application to PT Semen Gresik, must register online at the website above
- Only applicants who have been doing online registration, and the best qualified to be called in the selection process
- Each stage of the selection made by the Consultant does not cost you anything, Decision Consultants is absolute and inviolable

1. All incoming data is confidential.
2. Only applicants who have registered online to be our next process.
3. Data that is loaded must be complete and filled in accordance with the data and the actual conditions. Check and make sure all data is filled in correctly before clicking on the "Confirm".
4. Applicants may only choose ONE CHOICE POSITION.
5. If you choose more than ONE CHOICE POSITION, then the committee reserves the right set of the most recent application as proposed position.
6. Each applicant is required to access the website periodically to obtain current information about developments and recruitment announcements.
7. Each stage of development of the recruitment will be announced on the website. The committee serves no telephone inquiries.
8. The committee reserves the right to abort and get the participants in accordance with the terms based on secondary data verification.
9. All application support files that are sent will be wholly owned by the committee.
10. This data will be used for during the selection process within a certain period. During the validity of such data, then the applicants are required to comply with all terms and conditions already established for the good of their own applicants.
11. The selection committee's decision is final.

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